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Random LJ things! - Tea

About Random LJ things!

Random LJ things! Oct. 31st, 2005 @ 09:31 pm Next Entry
Hello! Since I am finding myself on the edge of a mysterious "Return To The LiveJournal Community And Fandom", I feel like making a sort of introduction...thing.

I am Tea, in real life (IRL!) and it is pronounced like "Tay". It is a little bit odd, but it is short and I like it.

I enjoy many things which you might not, but that is my choice, no?

On LJ I don't really make many entries, and when I do they are typically about
a.) my life
b.) recs
c.) rants and raves (to the max!)

which is not very exciting stuff. My journal is friends only to prevent my elderly relatives from heart attacks! Not that I am way out there or anything, really, probably.

Anyway, due to this, I absolutely do not expect anyone to friend me for anything at any time (although if you want to view my seeekrit life, just drop me a line yo!). The "friend" system, as we know, is not perfect! If I friended you it is because I like what you do and you seem coo'.

I am old enough to read naughty things!

I think that is about it. If you have any questions (err) or if you are a random passerby looking for a friend, hey, I am pretty much always available.
So! Good day. :D
Current Mood: distressedoverworked
Current Music: Gunther (alas!)
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